Insurance Information

At OMSA of Western Michigan we make every effort to provide you with the finest surgical care and the most convenient financial options.  To accomplish this goal, we work hand in hand with you to maximize your insurance reimbursement for covered procedures.  If you have any problems or questions, please ask our staff.  They are well informed and up-to-date on insurance billing matters.  Please bring your insurance information with you to the consultation so that we can expedite reimbursement.

At your appointment, we will give you an estimate of the costs associated with your surgical procedure.  In most instances, we will contact your insurance carrier to obtain an estimate of the portion of your fees that will be paid under your insurance plan.  You will be responsible for paying the estimated balance at the time of your surgery.  We will then submit a claim for you to your insurance carrier.  After they process your claim, they will send payment directly to our office.  This process normally takes several weeks.  If there is more than one insurance policy involved, this process may take longer since we often have to wait until one insurance is finished with the claim before we can submit to secondary plans.  Once insurance payments have been credited to your account, we will either bill you for any outstanding balance or send you a refund for any overpayment.

If at any time you have questions regarding your account, please contact our Account Services Department at 616-735-2870.  Many times, a simple telephone call can answer your questions or clear up a misunderstanding regarding your statement.

We are here to help! Please call for more information.